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Those who know Cindy Taylor's ever-present and irrepressible sense of fun might be surprised to learn that the art of Goolyology grew out of a pajama-party invitation Cindy was making. It all started with a glob of liquid color that just cried out to have a googly eye planted in it. The envelopes and the borders of the invites went out covered in googly eyes, and so began Cindy’s Googly Eye Artisan career.
Over the years, with friends saying they would LOVE a googly-eye present of some sort and people approaching her everywhere she took her googly-eyed purse, googly eyes moved from cards and envelopes onto pretty much everything: ceramics, birdhouses, handbags, dog collars, mirror frames, Christmas ornaments and so on. And everywhere these items appear, people smile and laugh, and ask where they come from. One restauranteur actually pursued Cindy with the request to "googly eye" his restaurant bathrooms!
So, you might say that Cindy has developed her own "vision" of the world, and her friends joke that she must have been an opthamologist in a former life. Cindy Taylor practices the art of Googlyology from her lakeside home near Austin, Texas, where she lives with her energetic yellow lab, Maggie Moo.

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